Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some Softball Tidbits

Just some random thoughts today...

1) was super impressed with the turnout and atmosphere of the (Oregon) District 4 tournament last Sunday...great idea to acknowledge the sportsmanship winners and invite all levels back that night before the championship game...LOVED the way the girls and their families were enjoying softball and a late summer evening at Alpenrose

2) on the same note, I LOVE awarding unique Sportsmanship pins to the winners over a trophy that sits in the coach's house, and different from the LL District pin that all participants receive...here is a picture of this pin that recognizes fair play, District 4 and Alpenrose, a true gem of a park (oops, I'm working on that picture)

3) every time I am at Alpenrose, I run into friends from high school and from playing ball there myself...we are now parents of kids playing there, and to a person, if you ask about what they remember about playing LL, it is playing at Alpenrose...take that, "Big League Dreams Parks" :)

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