Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Let the Games Begin! (07 Version)

This week, tournament action kicks off in our own Oregon District 4. Here are the Monday night results:

9/10 All Stars:

Tigard LL 16- Murrayhill LL 7

Beaverton Area LL 14 - Cedar Mill LL 0

Here is a link to their bracket:

Oregon District 4 9/10 Softball Bracket

(thanks to Cedar Mill LL for the link and nicely updated website!)

Tuesday's games at Alpenrose (7/3/07):

Cedar Mill LL vs. SunCreek LL (5pm, main field)

Murrayhill LL vs. Tualatin City LL (7:30pm, main field)

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Anonymous said...


Great work on your site. I had looked everywhere for the softball bracket unsuccessfully. It was so great to see you last night at Alpenrose! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!