Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramping up for 2012!

WELCOME! We are excited to kick off the 2012 Little League Softball World Series!

Volunteers are busy preparing for the tournament, from the fields to the uniforms to meal preparation to luggage coordination, to wi-fi access and accommodations for our wonderful sponsors and fans.

Every year, the stadium at Alpenrose Dairy transforms from host of Oregon District 4 baseball and softball regular season and postseason games to world showcase for the top ten teams in Little League (majors) softball, vying for the title and the opportunity to play in one of our three live ESPN2 games.

Mike Hebrard of Athletic Field Design does an amazing job turning the grass infield into the finest softball field in all the land, complete with mound removal, removal of infield grass, custom painted logos, bright white bases, and smooth, groomed dirt.

Last year, he set up a camera to capture the process of preparing Alpenrose Main field for the championship game and the ESPN2 audience.  Here is a great time-lapse You Tube video you will enjoy.

As your excitement builds, so does ours. We love having the world's eyes on our own Field of Dreams and sharing with you the beautiful city of Portland. Stay tuned for more news, features and photos as we get closer to Opening Ceremonies.

Remember that we are also on Facebook, Twitter and you can follow us via text message, too.  We'll keep you connected to all the action, and especially love your feedback! Let us know how we can enhance this experience for our families, fans, players and coaches!