Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some Softball Tidbits

Just some random thoughts today...

1) was super impressed with the turnout and atmosphere of the (Oregon) District 4 tournament last Sunday...great idea to acknowledge the sportsmanship winners and invite all levels back that night before the championship game...LOVED the way the girls and their families were enjoying softball and a late summer evening at Alpenrose

2) on the same note, I LOVE awarding unique Sportsmanship pins to the winners over a trophy that sits in the coach's house, and different from the LL District pin that all participants receive...here is a picture of this pin that recognizes fair play, District 4 and Alpenrose, a true gem of a park (oops, I'm working on that picture)

3) every time I am at Alpenrose, I run into friends from high school and from playing ball there myself...we are now parents of kids playing there, and to a person, if you ask about what they remember about playing LL, it is playing at Alpenrose...take that, "Big League Dreams Parks" :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Congrats to Beaverton Area Little League!

The Little League Softball World Series has its first American qualifier: Beaverton Area Little League! BALL defeated Tualatin City LL this evening 11-2 to win the (Oregon) District 4 Championship and secure the automatic berth to the LLSBWS next month at Alpenrose.

Scenes from the (Oregon) District 4 Championship at Alpenrose

Regionals Underway

I will be at Alpenrose today to cover the 11/12 softball District 4 (Oregon) championship at 3:30pm, where Beaverton Area LL will take on Tualatin City LL, and the winner will play in the Little League Softball World Series. In the meantime, Regionals are underway and some opening games are being played across the river in Vancouver, Washington (about 20 minutes from downtown Portland).

Western Regionals (website)

When: July 28-August 5
Where: Vancouver, WA (hosted by Washington District 4)
Bracket: link

In yesterday's action, Evergreen LL (host) beat Dimond-West LL (Anchorage, Alaska) 7-6 in eight innings. Also, San Marino National LL (SoCal) beat Snow Canyon LL (Santa Clara, Utah) 2-1. Four games are scheduled for today:

Oregon (Milton Freewater LL) vs. Washington (Stilly Valley LL, Arlington) at 10:30am

Idaho (Lewiston Am/Nat LL) vs. Montana (Boulder Arrowhead/Big Sky LL, Billings) at 1pm

NoCal (Gilroy LL) vs. Nevada (Elko Softball LL) at 3:30pm

SoCal vs. Arizona (Sunnyside Little League, Tucson) at 6pm

Central Regionals

When: July 30-August 5
Where: Joplin, Missouri (District 2)
Bracket: link

There are three pools in this tournament and games begin tomorrow.

East Regionals (website)

When: July 28-August 4
Where: Albany, New York (District 13)
Bracket: link

In yesterday's games,
New York (Mid-Island LL, Staten Island) beat Delaware (Laurel Little League), 4-2

New Jersey (Pequannock Township LL) beat Pennsylvania (West Point Little League, Greensburg), 4-1

Connecticut (Waterford South LL) beat Maine (Sanford/Springvale LL, Orrington), 2-1

Rhode Island (Cumberland National LL) beat New Hampshire (Auburn Little League), 8-0

Massachusetts (Wyoma LL, Lynn) beat Vermont (Missisquoi LL, Enosburg Falls), 5-0

Southern Regionals (website)

When: July 27-August 1
Where: St. Petersburg, Florida
Bracket: link

This tournament began last Friday and features two pools, concluding play today and the semifinal games tomorrow. I LOVE that boxscores are available for these games. Here are today's winners:

West Virginia (Barboursville LL) defeated North Carolina (Franklin Little League), 5-1

South Carolina (Simpsonville LL) defeated Alabama (Sylacauga Softball LL), 14-1

Later today, Georgia (Oconee County Am/Natl LL, Watkinsville) will take on Tennessee (Morristown Am/Natl LL), and Florida (Palma Ceia/Tampa Bay/Interbay LL, Tampa Bay) will play Virginia (Elkton Community LL).

Southwestern Regionals (website)
note: this is a fantastic LL website!

When: July 28-August 2
Where: San Antonio, Texas (District 19)
Bracket: link

This region always produces powerful Little League Softball teams, with seven teams playing in a traditional double elimination tournament. Yesterday's games:

Texas West (Midway LL, Waco) over New Mexico (Eastdale LL, Albuquerque), 11-1

Colorado (Montrose Little League) over Arkansas (Pine Bluff American Eastern LL), 8-3

Louisiana (Lake Charles Softball LL) over Host (Northside Suburban LL, San Antonio), 5-3

In today's action, Texas West will square off against Texas East (Elgin LL), Colorado vs. Louisiana, and Arkansas vs. the Host team from San Antonio.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

District 4 (Oregon) 11/12 Softball Semifinals

The semifinal games today at Alpenrose for the (Oregon) District 4 Majors Softball featured Beaverton Area LL vs. Sunset Park LL at 1pm, and Cedar Mill LL vs. Tualatin City LL at 3:30pm. Winners play for the District championship on Sunday at 3:30 and for a direct berth to the Little League Softball World Series!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Back from Vay-Kay

Lots of Little League Softball is being played around the world...but we had to have a vacation :)

Thanks to my 20th college reunion, we ventured to northern California and enjoyed the company of friends in good spirits and warm weather. We are home and catching up on "scores and more."

The District 4 (Oregon) 11/12 tournament is well underway at Alpenrose. This is the district's premier softball tournament, with the winner receiving a direct bid to the Little League Softball World Series in August, hosted by District 4. The district website has updated scores. There are only five leagues represented in this year's tournament: Sunset Park LL, Cedar Mill LL, Beaverton Area LL, Tualatin City LL and SunCreek LL. Games tonight include Sunset Park vs. BALL at 5pm, and Tualatin City vs. SunCreek at 7:30pm, both on the main field.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oregon State 9/10 and 10/11 Softball Results

While we wait for the District 4 (Oregon) 11/12 Softball tournament to start on July 23, I can update you on the 9/10 and 10/11 State Tournaments that have concluded in Redmond, Oregon. Here are the 9/10 teams that qualified:

District 1 (Scappoose LL)
District 2 (Centennial LL)
District 3 (Pendleton LL)
District 4 (Tigard LL)
District 5 (Redmond LL)
District 6 (Ore-Cal LL)
District 7 (Cascade LL)
District 8 (Brookings Harbor LL)
District 9 (West Emerald Valley LL)

In yesterday's final game, Redmond LL defeated Brookings Harbor LL 17-7 to be crowned Oregon State 9/10 Softball Champs!

Only four districts sent teams to the State 10/11 Softball Tournament:

District 9 (McKenzie LL)
District 7 (Keizer LL)
District 2 (Centennial LL)
District 8 (Gold Valley LL)

McKenzie LL and Centennial LL played in the championship game yesterday, with McKenzie winning 13-8.

Congrats to Redmond and McKenzie!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Forest Grove LL Sweeps Honors!

Congratulations to the new District 4 (Oregon) Honors Softball Champs, crowned tonight at Alpenrose:

9/10 Honors Championship Game:
Forest Grove LL 9, Southwest Portland LL 6

11/12 Honors Championship Game:
Forest Grove LL 13, Tualatin City LL 7

The Majors Softball tournament begins July 23 at Alpenrose.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

District 4 (Oregon) Honors Tournaments

I'm a little behind recording for you the scores for the 9/10 and 11/12 District 4 Honors tournaments taking place at Alpenrose:

July 8:

9/10 Softball
game 3: Tigard LL 21, Murrayhill LL 20
game 4: Southwest Portland LL 10, Sunset Park LL 8

11/12 Softball
game 5: Forest Grove LL 14, Tualatin City LL 5

Forest Grove advances to the championship game tonight!

9/10 Softball, Tuesday July 10:
game 9: Tualatin City LL vs. Southwest Portland LL, 5pm Main field
game 10: Forest Grove LL vs. Tigard LL, 5:15pm East field

11/12 Softball, Tuesday, July 10
Tualatin City LL vs. Forest Grove LL, 7:30pm Main field
If FG wins, they are District 4 Champions! If TC wins, they will play again on Wednesday, July 11, 7:30pm Main field.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Oregon State Softball Tournament Info

Thanks to Phyllis in Oregon District 5, I have the bracket and field information for the State 9/10 and 10/11 Softball Tournaments:

When: July 14th -17th, 2007

Where: Redmond, Oregon (Bowlby Park)

Bracket: link

Good luck to all the girls at State, please drive safely, and have fun!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tigard LL: 9/10 Softball Champs!

In tonight's championship game of the District 4 (Oregon) 9/10 Softball tournament, Tigard LL beat Beaverton Area LL 22-11.

Tigard LL will move on to the State Tournament in Redmond, Oregon, July 13-16. Congratulations!

Softball Scores, We got 'em!

The District 4 (Oregon) 9/10 Softball Championship round will be played today following the semifinal games last evening at Alpenrose:

Game 7: Tigard LL 20, Cedar Mill LL 2

Game 8: Beaverton Area LL 16, Tualatin City LL 7

Tigard LL will play Beaverton Area LL at 5pm today on the main field at Alpenrose. The winner advances to the State tournament in Redmond, Oregon!

Game 9, at 2:30pm, will feature Cedar Mill LL vs. Tualatin City LL for 3rd and 4th place in District.

Friday, July 06, 2007

9/10 Softball Scores for July 5, 2007

Scores from the District 4 (Oregon) 9/10 Softball tournament at Alpenrose last night:

Game 5: Tigard LL 13, Tualatin City LL 3

Game 6: Beaverton Area LL 23, SunCreek LL 6

These games conclude Pool Play. Tonight's action begins the march to the championship on the main field at Alpenrose:

Tigard LL vs. Cedar Mill LL, 5pm

Beaverton Area LL vs. Tualatin City LL, 7:30pm

Here is a link to local newspaper coverage.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oregon District 4 Softball Information

Greetings to all of you Little League Softball fans! You have found the site devoted to Little League Softball specifically, and softball in general. I live in the Portland area, and will be following as many tournaments I can up to the grand finale around here, the 2007 Little League Softball World Series, August 9-15.

Based on some Google traffic, I am rounding up some information regarding the Oregon District 4 Softball tournaments for local fans:

9/10 District 4 Softball Tournament
(hosted by Danelle Wiese/Oregon District 4)

When: July 2-7
Where: Alpenrose Dairy Stadium
Bracket: link

Pool Play began Monday night, with the scores available in blog entries below. The Championship game will be Saturday, July 7, 5pm, on the main field.

11/12 District 4 Softball Tournament
(hosted by Oregon District 4)

When: July 23-27
Where: Alpenrose Dairy Stadium
Bracket: link

Pool Play opens Monday, July 23rd with Sunset Park LL vs. Tualatin City LL at 5pm, and Cedar Mill LL vs. SunCreek LL at 7:30, on the main field.

The winner of this tournament advances directly to the Little League Softball World Series as the host representative!

ESPN2 will again provide a live broadcast of three games from Alpenrose this year: the semi-final match-ups on Tuesday, August 14, and the Championship Game, August 15 at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

District 4 (Oregon) 9/10 All-Stars Scores

The main diamond at Alpenrose hosted the second night of the 9/10 All-Star Softball tourney last evening. Here are scores:

Game 3: Cedar Mill LL 15, SunCreek LL 0

Game 4: Tualatin City LL 12, Murrayhill LL 2

District 4 Softball and Baseball teams have the day off from tournament action (I don't know about practices :) to celebrate the Fourth of July with family and friends.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable holiday! Tomorrow, the District 4 (Oregon) 10/11 Baseball tourney begins at West Union field, as the 9/10 Softball and Baseball teams continue Pool Play.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Let the Games Begin! (07 Version)

This week, tournament action kicks off in our own Oregon District 4. Here are the Monday night results:

9/10 All Stars:

Tigard LL 16- Murrayhill LL 7

Beaverton Area LL 14 - Cedar Mill LL 0

Here is a link to their bracket:

Oregon District 4 9/10 Softball Bracket

(thanks to Cedar Mill LL for the link and nicely updated website!)

Tuesday's games at Alpenrose (7/3/07):

Cedar Mill LL vs. SunCreek LL (5pm, main field)

Murrayhill LL vs. Tualatin City LL (7:30pm, main field)