Tuesday, July 10, 2007

District 4 (Oregon) Honors Tournaments

I'm a little behind recording for you the scores for the 9/10 and 11/12 District 4 Honors tournaments taking place at Alpenrose:

July 8:

9/10 Softball
game 3: Tigard LL 21, Murrayhill LL 20
game 4: Southwest Portland LL 10, Sunset Park LL 8

11/12 Softball
game 5: Forest Grove LL 14, Tualatin City LL 5

Forest Grove advances to the championship game tonight!

9/10 Softball, Tuesday July 10:
game 9: Tualatin City LL vs. Southwest Portland LL, 5pm Main field
game 10: Forest Grove LL vs. Tigard LL, 5:15pm East field

11/12 Softball, Tuesday, July 10
Tualatin City LL vs. Forest Grove LL, 7:30pm Main field
If FG wins, they are District 4 Champions! If TC wins, they will play again on Wednesday, July 11, 7:30pm Main field.

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