Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oregon State 9/10 and 10/11 Softball Results

While we wait for the District 4 (Oregon) 11/12 Softball tournament to start on July 23, I can update you on the 9/10 and 10/11 State Tournaments that have concluded in Redmond, Oregon. Here are the 9/10 teams that qualified:

District 1 (Scappoose LL)
District 2 (Centennial LL)
District 3 (Pendleton LL)
District 4 (Tigard LL)
District 5 (Redmond LL)
District 6 (Ore-Cal LL)
District 7 (Cascade LL)
District 8 (Brookings Harbor LL)
District 9 (West Emerald Valley LL)

In yesterday's final game, Redmond LL defeated Brookings Harbor LL 17-7 to be crowned Oregon State 9/10 Softball Champs!

Only four districts sent teams to the State 10/11 Softball Tournament:

District 9 (McKenzie LL)
District 7 (Keizer LL)
District 2 (Centennial LL)
District 8 (Gold Valley LL)

McKenzie LL and Centennial LL played in the championship game yesterday, with McKenzie winning 13-8.

Congrats to Redmond and McKenzie!

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