Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let the (tournament) Games Begin: Softball Style

Little League Softball All-Star teams have been formed and practices are well it's Tournament Time and our own Oregon District 4 will kick it off July 7th with the opening games of the 9/10 All-Stars.

Here is a rundown of the schedule:

9/10 year-old Softball All-Stars
July 7-11: Alpenrose Park, Portland

Majors (11/12 year-old) Softball All-Stars
July 21-28: Alpenrose Park, Portland

The Oregon District 4 Majors champion receives an automatic bid to the Little League Softball World Series, held in August at Alpenrose!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Valley Invite in Hillsboro, Oregon

Talking about some super softball for Portland area fans...check out the 2008 Valley Invitational College Exposure Tournament this weekend at the Hillsboro (Oregon) Stadium complex, as well as other fields around Washington County.

This tournament will feature over 100 teams in 18Gold, 18A and 16A divisions.

In addition, an NFCA Endorsed Recruiting Camp and All-Star games will be held on Friday, June 20. Over 50 college coaches will be attending. Pool Play begins Saturday, June 21st.

I believe admission is free -- this is my first trip out there, as last year my son was also playing in a tournament that weekend. If I get a chance, I'll post some updates!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Upcoming Summer of Sensational Softball

With the conclusion of the Women's College World Series and the crowning of Arizona State as the 2008 Champs, the summer season of All-Stars and the Olympics are next on the schedule.

International softball will be highlighted in August with two great tournaments featuring teams from all over the world. The Little League Softball World Series , with 11-12 year old players, takes place August 7-13, and the USA Olympic Team will be competing August 12-21 in Beijing, China.

Both tournaments will have television coverage.

In the meantime, hundreds of softball teams will toil in the sun in tournaments and qualifiers and friendlies and league games for the love of the sport. Good luck to all the teams as the school year comes to a close and summer break brings the good life: softball without homework! :)