Friday, August 06, 2010

Photos of Alpenrose Stadium!

Alpenrose Stadium, home of the Little League Softball World Series, is a Portland jewel!  A working dairy facility for milk, ice cream and other products, is also the home of Little League baseball and softball, a quarter-midget racing track and bicycle velodrome.

And for ten days every August, the softball world's gaze is fixed on the dairy/stadium nestled in a southwest Portland neighborhood.  Providing the only "stadium" for Little League in the area, it is in the fond memories of thousands of local ballplayers.

But, after 17 years, the main stadium field is getting a new...haircut!  The infield has been skinned for the 2010 Little League Softball World Series!  Thanks to Mike Hebrard and Athletic Field Design, the main diamond is now softball-ready and looking good!

Here are some photos of the transformation:

Thanks to Mike and crew for a great job!

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