Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Opening Ceremonies, Skills Challenge and Sue Enquist

Retired UCLA coach Sue Enquist provided a spark of energy in the traditional Little League Softball World Series Opening Ceremonies today, with a rousing speech to the players, coaches, families and volunteers.  She graciously recognized all of the above, reminded them they are champions and motivated them like they were one of her NCAA Championship teams!

The Opening Ceremonies were followed by an ice cream social (Alpenrose Dairy provides ice cream to the local Baskin Robbins shops) and then the girls gathered in a grassy picnic area for some treats from Schutt Sports: matching batting helmets and a set of catcher's gear for each team.  Afterward, the Schutt spokesperson, former collegiate coach Diane Baker, opened the Schutt Skills Competition and the girls began a fun pitch, throw, run and bat competition.

Here are today's photos:

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