Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning Media

The games finished early yesterday at the LL Softball World Series to leave the afternoon for a fun tournament tradition: the HomeRun Derby. The girls and sometimes siblings coaches, parents, fans, staff... line up to take a crack at launching one over the Alpenrose main field walls.

The Oregonian covered the event and highlighted Kelli Connors' homerun for the East team from Waterford, Connecticut, on Friday.

Connecticut coverage of the East vs. Southwest game

The Morristown Citizen Tribune (Tennessee) featured the South win over Central yesterday.

Gilroy Dispatch on the West team's win over Asia-Pacific.

"Southwest Remains Undefeated in Pool Play" I always love clicking on the Elgin newspaper website and checking out the temperature there and how hot it is! We are so lucky to have a great week of 75-80 degree weather this week :)

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