Monday, August 20, 2007

2007 Little League Softball: Final Thoughts

It is raining here in Portland today...kinda feels like Fall, and gives us a kinship with the Lake Oswego LL team at Williamsport who are rained-out today.

It's a good day to wrap-up the 2007 Little League Softball World Series...

Organized youth sports are full of hope and joy and anguish. Thanks to a worldwide audience, Little League is in the spotlight and so is our country's complex relationship with kids and sports. It is important to ask, "What are the kids getting out of all this?"

Here is the diary of a young athlete from the Little League Softball World Series that highlights "the experience of a lifetime."

"Morristown's nickname could be Home of Champions"

And finally, the pictures from the Closing Ceremony are a testament to the notion that all the fuss is about kids...

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rex said...

I would like to start a grass roots movement to put pressure on LL to mandate that all softball playoff and WS games be played on skinned infields. Even more so, I would like for LL to build a softball complex in parity to Williamsport. If you want to join the effort you may email me at and I will compile the results.