Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let the games begin!

At 2pm today, the first pitch in the 2007 Little League Softball World Series will be thrown in Game 1, featuring East (Waterford South LL, Connecticut) vs. Latin America (Asofem Little League, Maunabo, Puerto Rico).

Here's a "Home or Work Viewing Guide" for keeping track of the games and scores if you can't be at Alpenrose:

The website has all the tools to keep you in the action.

From the homepage, click on "Bracket/Results" and then click on the game number. This is where you will find the real-time scoring (click on "Boxscore"), as each game is being scored by hand and laptop. Game photos are also posted here.

Also on the "Bracket/Results" page you can click on "Webcasts" and follow the game via radio webcast.

Don't forget to check out Fun Photos for great pix taken all over the complex during the week (go to "Game Photos"). There are already pictures posted of some of the teams arriving on Tuesday, as well as yesterday's events.

And, as the games unfold and the week wears on, please send us your emails. We will make sure they get printed out and given to the team.

Here is some more morning reading:

The Oregonian ("1 team + 9 kids = Full House")

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