Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Situated

Today is a travel, arrival, limo, check-up, photos, "meet your new parents," and uniforms kinda day...

In other words, the girls got situated today :)

The teams fly in from all over the world and are brought to Alpenrose via limo, with vans following carrying all their luggage. They are photographed when they arrive and then they complete their bios, get their uniforms, meet their host families, get checked for swine flu, and gaze upon the playing field and stadium where the Opening Ceremonies will take place (tomorrow) and the games begin (Thursday).

Each team goes from their league name to their Region name, and receive their uniforms and the official photo is taken (you can see the transformation of the Georgia team, for example, here and all of the teams here).

The players will meet their host families and spend their first night in Portland. The managers and coaches will go to the hotel and everyone will head back up to Alpenrose for tomorrow's festivities:

3pm: Opening Ceremony/Main Field

4pm: Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Social/Dairyville (Teams)

4:30pm: DeMarini Skills Challenge/Main Field

See you there :)

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