Thursday, August 07, 2008

LIVE from Alpenrose: Day 1

I'm coming to you live...well as live as I can get. I have the laptop up here at Pin Trading Central while the East vs. Latin America game continues right below me. There are some familiar traders here on the picnic benches, from years past and tournaments all around.

I visited the Admin/Media trailer and am very aware of the problems with the live video feed. This was the first attempt at providing video for viewers over the internet, and there are some glitches here at the first game. However, they are all working diligently to get it up and going...the vendor is onsite and they are well aware that it is down. THANK YOU for your patience... Please remember that the Softball World Series is managed and run by volunteers.

Now, if you are local, please join us here in Southwest Portland. The Traeger barbeque is putting out some great food, the Alpenrose/Baskin Robbins ice cream is flavorful and plenty... Admission is free, and so is parking. The competition is very good, and it is a great family atmosphere!

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