Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 LLSWS: Final Links

The teams from the 2008 Little League Softball World Series have all gone home...the tournament website has been updated and Alpenrose Stadium/Dairy has been cleaned up and is a little quieter these days...

Here are some final links as local papers/websites follow the girls in their hometowns:

"Simpsonville Holds Parade for Little League Softball Champions"

"It Was A Dream Come True"

"Sterling Celebrates Third Place Finish"

"Robbinsville Softball to be Feted with Parade"


Thank you to the volunteers who make the Little League Softball World Series happen. Just like millions of dedicated youth sport volunteers around the world, they do it for the kids. From hosting players in their homes, to concessions, to scorekeeping, to groundskeeping, to painting, to websiting (?), to picture-taking, to video-ing, to coordinating of Opening/Closing ceremonies, to announcing, to umpiring, to running around setting up tents and lights and getting ice and giving directions to the local grocery store...I could go on and on. Great job!

See you in August 2009!

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